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I’ve never had a one night stand, but I bet they’re awesome. Sure, the sex could be great, but the singularly uncomfortable morning after chat and exit and the the uncertainty of whether or not you just contracted a sexually transmitted disease are undoubtedly the best parts.   



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"You don’t have a soul. You are a soul. You have a body."

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3. Guessing game

In second grade my teacher used to fill up a jar with different objects every month. One time it was jawbreakers, another, paper clips. But this time it was marbles. Ever time she filled the jar up, we were allowed to guess how many things were in there and the closest person to the actual amount won a dumb prize like an ice cream sandwich. However, each guess cost 50 cents. I tried to break the system by sneezing in a guess I never paid for while the teacher was gone and somehow she found out what I had done. She called my mom. When my mom came to pick me up I begged her not to yell at me in front of my friends. She didn’t, but she did in the car ride home. I cried and never said I would steal again.
I lied.